Collection: Sugar City Sundry

✨ sweet, small-batch treasures ✨
handmade with Crockett earth + magic


Lovingly mined from the legendary Crockett Sugar Caverns...

Sugar Cavern Crystals are sculptural talismans containing a handcrafted blend of semi-precious stones, magical herbs, and earth from Crockett.

Each unique collection is intricately created with thematic intentions, coupled with metaphysical, astrological, and tarot correlations to inspire positivity, confidence, and creativity. Crystals are non-edible and can be custom-created for new homes, places traveled, wedding locations, birthdays, new babies, pets, and so much more!!


Sarah Charley Jones is a multimedia artist, education director, and creativity diviner. She is passionate about creating compelling and innovative experiential programming across cultural sectors and finds inspiration in the magic place. Her current containers for expression include the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design, The Crockett History Museum, TidalFire, and her fine art metaphysical practice, Sugar City Sundry. She holds a Sculpture BFA from UC Santa Cruz, an MBA, and an MA in Museum Education from John F. Kennedy University. She is a frequent contributor to the California Association of Museums, the American Alliance of Museums, In/Visible Talks, and San Francisco Design Week.