Collection: The Junquepunk

Long ago in the township of Richmond, Steve DeLucchi (The Junquepunk) went on treasure hunts around the neighborhood, competing with a sister as to who could find the best thing. These bottlecaps, paperclips, and washers sometimes became "artworks". 

Steve has always been intrigued by objects that can be seen as part of things or have a particular character(istic). His father and grandfather were locksmiths and fine craftsmen and he inherited many key blanks and pieces of hardware from both of them, as well as having picked up many objects himself over the years. 

20-plus years ago, Steve created a robot out of an old rototiller carcass that was inspired by Crockett's own, Clayton Bailey. That was the beginning of this artistic journey of repurposing metal (and wood) objects into the characters they become. Something beautiful or fun can be made out of everyday recyclable materials.