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Spicy Stone Fruit

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Our peach and nectarine trees provide us with an abundance of sweet, delicate fruit that we balance and punch up with red chili pepper and apple cider vinegar to make your mouth water and tingle. This jam transforms a 'meh' grilled cheese into a sandwich worthy of your Instagram feed.   It's also fantastic as a dip for tortilla chips, chicken nuggets, and quesadillas.  

Ingredients: peaches, nectarines, sugar, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, dried red chili pepper, dried habanero pepper, salt

How to Use:

  • Garnish a crab cake
  • Mix some into roasted sweet potatoes, carrots, brussels sprouts right after they come out of the oven
  • Use Bon Appetit's Dutch Oven Cornbread with Fig Jam
  • Make Food Network's Bottom of the Jam Jar Vinaigrette