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Sunny Bunny Gardens

Chai Spice Sugar Scrub with Cardamom, Cloves, Ginger, Nutmeg

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Nothing says fall like the scent of warm spices. With the cooler temperatures there is nothing better than getting all cozy with a cup of warm chai. That is the inspiration for this all natural body scrub. Made with ground spices that not only have an amazing scent, these spices have skin loving benefits! Let's dive in! Cardamom is great for acne! Cloves can help with blemishes and scars. Ginger can increase blood flow and even skin tone. Nutmeg reduces redness and inflammation. Cinnamon has anti-aging benefits. Use this scrub any time your skin feels tired, rough or needs a pick me up. :) If using in the tub or shower, please take care as the coconut oil can become slippery.

8 oz Recyclable Plastic Jar with Metal Lid 

Our Organic Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Brown Sugar, Coconut Oil, Ground Cardamom, Cloves, Nutmeg & Ginger

**IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT OUR SCRUBS! PLEASE READ** On warm or hot days, you may need to refrigerate the jar before opening as the contents may have softened or melted during transit and make a mess. Softening or melting does not affect the quality or effectiveness of our butters or scrubs.